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Application for Free and Reduced Lunch

Do you think you're student might be eligible for free and reduced lunch? We need only one application for all the children in your household that attend school in THRIVE Community School.


Eligibility for free or reduced price school meal benefits is based on any one of these three things:

  • your total household income and size in the month the application is filled out, or the month before, or
  • your child’s individual status as foster, homeless, migrant or runaway, or
  • participation in an assistance program by any member of your household.

Your US citizenship or immigration status does not affect your eligibility for free and reduced price benefits.

Things you'll need

If you have this information handy, it will make the application process fast and easy.

  • If you participate in SNAPTANF , or FDPIR you will need to know your case number (not your card or account number).
  • If you do not participate in any of the above assistance programs, you will need to report your total household income. In that case…
    • if anyone in your household has a job, you may need to reference the earnings statements or pay stubs to report your gross income, which is different from the amount you actually receive in your paycheck.
    • if anyone receives Social Security or retirement benefits, you may need to gather the benefit statements to report the amount and frequency of the payments.
    • you may also need to reference other financial documents for additional sources of income.

Still not sure if you have everything you need? Don’t worry! The income section of the application contains detailed instructions and explanations about the sources of income you must include, and you can gather additional information then.

If you have all of your necessary information and think you're ready to begin, then go ahead and click button below:
If you'd rather download and print out a paper application you can access it below.