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Innovative Approaches

THRIVE’s Innovative Approaches
In collaboration with our community, we have reimagined specific aspects of the student, family, and staff member experience through four innovative approaches. 
1. Teacher and Staff Development
THRIVE will offer all teachers and staff more than three times the amount of paid professional development that is offered in most local public schools. This will ensure that teachers have the training needed to be highly effective in their roles. 
2. Three Small Schools
THRIVE will operate as three small schools within one larger school community. This will create an experience that caters to the needs of students and families in a way that centers relationships, recognizes developmental needs, and allows for more effective and efficient communication with families. 
3. Expanded Definition of Student Success
Our expanded definition of student success incorporates outcomes related to academic achievement, social and emotional learning, and experiential learning  that will ensure our programming supports the development of the whole child. 
4. 21st Century Calendar and Schedule
Our schedule will offer students a one hour Bonus Block of instruction four days per week, during which all students will be able to engage in additional hands-on enrichment through STEAM Labs.