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Three Unique Features

In addition to our four innovative approaches, THRIVE’s program model offers three unique features that establish a strong foundation for learning and relating to others.  These foundations will support students through their academic journeys and into life.  Three students

Social and Emotional Learning
THRIVE will use small group learning structures to support learning through student relationships and activity engagement. We incorporate restorative justice practices to establish a consistent culture of care in our school.  Students will be taught the skills of emotional intelligence to develop interpersonal skills and a positive self-identity.

Intentional Diversity
Our approach to the exploration of identity means that we ensure students have cross curricular opportunities to explore aspects of their identity and of others, as well as how to think with a critical lens when encountering topics related to stereotypes, biases, power, privilege, and influence.  We will ensure community partners and families have opportunities to engage, share their voice, and contribute to community programming.

Students working
Equitable Academic Instruction

We implement a research proven approach to teaching early literacy and numeracy skills, concepts, and background knowledge.  This approach utilizes flexible small groups, which allows instruction to be modified to accommodate each student's pace of learning.


THRIVE will utilize a cross-curricular, integrated approach to teaching and learning known as STEAM, to help prime passions and build academic proficiency.  This innovative approach helps students develop the critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills needed for long-term success.


Students will engage in place-based, experiential learning opportunities across all content areas to increase relevance, deepen conceptual knowledge, gain an appreciation for our local heritage, cultures, landscapes, and opportunities, while providing students with multiple pathways to demonstrate mastery of content.