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THRIVE Community School cultivates volunteers year-round.  The many talents in our community are needed to help our young people reach their potential.  Consider volunteering today! 
Volunteers are Amazing!
We are a stronger community with the help of volunteers to help realize our mission and vision.  We have opportunities in the following areas:
Classroom Helpmate
Alleviate the workload of a teacher by helping with simple tasks, organize materials, or help students enjoy a learning activity.
Afterschool Activity Lead
What could be more exciting than leading a fun activity with students in an afterschool program: gardening, kickball, painting, chess, or theater...the sky is the limit!
Recess, Bus, or Lunch Duty Assistant
Transition times and play times can always use an extra pair of eyes or hands.  If you have only 30-60 minutes to lend your supervision, this is the perfect role for you!
Reading or Math Tutor
Reading and math tricks, tips, and joy.  Tutors help bring students around the bend to see the many fun ways to move through challenges and enjoy these subjects.
STEAM Lab Assistant
THRIVE Students will participate in STEAM labs for almost an hour 4 times a week.  These are hands on, engaging moments where the magic of science, technology, engineering and the arts truly come alive.  Be a part of this fun and engaging hour!
Campus Aesthetics Support
We want to make our campus environment the kind of space where students feel happy, calm, energized, and ready to learn.  From clean to creatively designed learning spaces, we welcome your eye for aesthetics!  
How to Get Started
1. Complete the THRIVE Community School Volunteer Application
2. Meet with a THRIVE team member to discuss your interest in working with the school
3. Complete a background check
4. Attend a team and school orientation 
5. Set your volunteer schedule