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Our Mission

THRIVE Community School is a diverse and affirming K-8 learning community that embraces social and emotional learning practices and utilizes evidence-based teaching to advance educational equity. We use innovative approaches to drive academic achievement, eliminate disparities in student outcomes, and reinforce a positive self-concept so that all students are positioned to follow paths of their choice.

Our School

THRIVE Community School is a NEW K-8 public charter school that will open with grades K-3rd, and 6th in 2022 and will continue to grow into a K–8 learning community. To learn more and to help inform our vision and programming, contact us!

Recent News

THRIVE Community School Unanimously Approved by PEC

On August 27th, THRIVE Community School was unanimously approved to open for the 2022-23 school year serving grades K-2nd and 6th grade. THRIVE will continue to add grade levels each year until it reaches its full size as a K-8 school.


We create the conditions
that allow students to THRIVE