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Enroll and THRIVE!

Families are seeking opportunities for their children to explore their world academically, socially, and emotionally.  THRIVE is excited to begin that journey with you!

Why THRIVE Community School?
THRIVE Community School is dedicated to meeting families in the exciting exploration of learning and ensuring children are part of a community where they can actualize their amazing potential.  Consider being a part of our school community!

Teacher and student


We Show Love

To be their best at school, young people need to feel safe, welcome, and that they are part of the community.  At THRIVE every student is cared for and knows they belong.


We Create Joy
Learning should be fun and inspire joy!  We ensure students are able explore and engage in ways that allow them to find joy in their learning journey.
Happy Boy
We Are Brave

We know your child will grow by taking risks in learning new things.  At THRIVE we create a safe space to explore, make mistakes, find success, and learn. 


We Work as a Team
Working as a team is our superpower!  Students at THRIVE know they are a valuable member of a team and can see their individual strengths contribute to greater collective success.
THRIVE Community School's application window is open for the 2024-25 School year!
We can meet with you or talk by phone to answer your questions, email: [email protected]


Academic success rooted in bravery, teamwork, joy and love. 

THRIVE's lottery application is open!
2024-25 Grades:
K-8th Grades
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